Filming of the Comedy “Amber Cops” Started in Kyiv

Published Wed, 15 July 2020, 17:01

On 15 July, filming of the comedy “Amber Cops” has started in Kyiv. Traditionally, a plate breaking ceremony was held on the first day of filming.


“Amber Cops” is a Ukrainian comedy that became one of the winners of the Eleventh Pitching of State Cinema projects and received funding from the state.

At the ceremony, the film was presented by its producers, Ivan Bukreiev, Head of the TV Channel “NLO TV” and Ivan Melashenko, Head of the Mamahohotala Studio, Maryna Kuderchuk, Head of the State Agency of Ukraine for Cinema, Alina Bukhtiiarova, director of the film as well as its actors, Yevhen YanovychOleh Masliuk, Alina Pash, Daria PetrozhytskaOleksandr Rudynskyi, Andrii Burym, Alisa Tunkevych.

“This is the first time that two state structures, the State Cinema and the National Police, have joined such a cultural project together. This film will be the beginning of creative works that will show the heroism of our Ukrainian police. The story of courage and dedication, which exists in real life, but which we, unfortunately, do not always see, will be presented on the big screen. The film ‘Amber Cops’ will show how our police protect us and what difficulties they face,” said Maryna Kuderchuk, Head of the State Cinema of Ukraine.

“First of all, I am very grateful to the State Cinema, the National Police and the Academy of Internal Affairs for supporting the project. With the help of the National Police, our leads, Yevhen Yanovych and Oleh Masliuk, learned to handle weapons properly, immersed themselves in the real environment of police training, got some basic combat training. In addition to adventure and humour, our comedy has an important social component. We really want our police to be respected; people need to understand how difficult the service is. We will try to make our contribution to the good and correct image of the police,” said Ivan Bukreiev, producer of the film.

“Amber Cops” is a project commissioned by the TV Channel “NLO TV”, produced by KinoHit UA, with the support of the State Agency of Ukraine for Cinema, Media Group Ukraine media holding, TV Channels “Ukraine” and “NLO TV”. Mamahohotala Studio, as well as technical and consulting support of the National Police and the National Academy of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

The plot revolves around the patrol officer Maksym (Yevhen Yanovych) who has been dreamed of upholding law and order to make the world a safe and fair place since he was a child. Everything was going according to plan until journalists caught Maksym in flagrante delicto with his partner while on duty. For this, Maksym was transferred from Kyiv to a village deep in the forests of Zhytomyr. There he and his new partner Bohdan (Oleh Masliuk) cross the amber mafia’s path.

Will Maksym be able to find common ground with the exuberant local cops and defeat the all-powerful Amber Baron? And what will an ordinary patrol officer have to do to make his beloved forgive him?

The film is scheduled to première in February 2021.

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