Position of Media Group Ukraine on ARMA’s Tender for Ukrainian Media Holding Asset Management

Published Fr, 24 July 2020, 15:37


Media Group Ukraine welcomes the decision of the National Agency of Ukraine for Finding, Tracing and Management of Assets Obtained from Corruption or Other Crimes (ARMA) to listen to media market participants and take into account the public response caused by the tender for the management of the assets of Ukrainian Media Holding (UMH).

We, Media Group Ukraine, as well as other representatives of the media market, believe that the tender must fully comply with the legislation of Ukraine, be transparent and objective, so that all participants have equal rights and opportunities. At the moment, a new tender has been announced, but, unfortunately, the problematic issues highlighted by experts and market participants have not been resolved. This may call into question the legitimacy of the new tender.

For instance, both the first and the second tenders were announced without following the procedures provided by the Law “On Public Procurement”, including without a preliminary assessment of the assets or submission of detailed information on the financial standing of the entities transferred to be managed. Bidders are to submit their own business plans for the development of these assets, which, among other things, should include the obligation to pay a guaranteed amount to the state budget. At the same time, in our opinion, the submission of any business plans without basic information on the assets offered to be managed is fictitious, which renders the process of selecting the winner by such criteria by the ARMA extremely non-transparent and fraught with corruption risks.

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