First Anniversary of Media Group Ukraine

Published Tue, 4 August, 15:01

The 10th anniversary of Media Group Ukraine coincided with a difficult time of pandemic and living in a new reality, but the more complex the challenges we face, the faster, bolder and more responsible we need to act. The history of our media holding goes back 27 years ago with the TV Channel “Ukraine”, which is still the flagship of Media Group Ukraine. 17 years later, in August 2010, Media Group Ukraine was founded. In 10 years, it has become the most powerful, leading, diversified media company in the Ukrainian media market.


Today Media Group Ukraine includes various assets that complement each other, develop and work in synergy, including the national general-interest TV Channel “Ukraine”, the information TV channel “Ukraine 24”, TV Channels “NLO TV” and “Indigo”, TV Channels “Football 1/2/3”, international TV Channels “Ukraine 1”/“Ukraine 2” and “NLO TV 1”/“NLO TV 2”, TV Channels “Donbas”, “34”, “Sigma”, full-cycle media agency Media Partnership Buying, satellite broadcasting operator Xtra TV, OTT-platform OLL.TV, production companies Tele Pro and Dopomozhemo TV, News Group Ukraine, multimedia platform SIOHODNI with TV news “Siohodni”, website; cross-platform project Vogue.UA. Each of the assets of Media Group Ukraine is a leader in its own segment, and our continual high-quality work is ensured by a team of 2169 professionals.

We are leaders in production. In 10 years, all assets of the media group have produced 53,418 hours of première content, equivalent to 6 years and 35 days of uninterrupted broadcasting. In addition to Ukraine, our TV series have their audience abroad, in 100 territories of the world. Our actors speak Hindi, Vietnamese, Swahili, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Georgian, Macedonian, Latvian, Estonian and other languages.

We are cross-platform and multifaceted. Our TV series, programs, shows, stories are loved and appreciated by both viewers and readers. The total monthly coverage of Media Group Ukraine platforms is about 31 million people, which is 76.62% of the permanent population of Ukraine in 2019 aged 4+.

The strategy of Media Group Ukraine is to be there with our viewer, reader, user and to provide them with high-quality content of various genres. That is why we are constantly changing, experimenting and evolving. And to prove that, in 2019 we launched the information channel “Ukraine 24”, which today is recognised as the most dynamic news channel in Ukraine. Furthermore, since June 2020, we have been actively working to create a single platform, combining our OTT and DTH services.

We are a large ecosystem that is evolving and reaching new milestones every day.

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