TV Channel “Ukraine” – Choice of the Audience in July

Published Thu, 6 August, 7:49

The TV channel “Ukraine” was the favourite channel of the Ukrainians in July 2020. It ranks first among TOP 6 national channels with the principal audience.


As for the audience aged 18 to 54 (50 thousand +)*, the share (shr, %) of TV channel “Ukraine” in July was 9.80 %, and the rating (rat, %) was 1.05 %. As for the audience aged 18+ (50 thousand +)**, the share was 14.18 %, and the rating was 2.06 %. As for the audience 4+ (all Ukraine)***, the share was 12.31 %, and the rating was 1.59 %.

The elements of the channel’s success in July were its own projects.

Thus, the project “Ukraine Speaking” with Oleksii Sukhanov led in its slot. As for the audience 18+ (50 thousand +), the share of the talk show was 17.18 %. In general, more than eleven million viewers watched the complicated stories of the project on their TV screen***.

The traditional leader of the information broadcasting for the general public was the news bulletin “Today”. In July, the audience of the afternoon, prime and evening bulletins “Today” was 8.48 mln, 10.55 mln and 8.41 mln of the viewers***; all of them led their slots by the main audience.

The afternoon projects also gained popularity among the audience. Thus, the scripted reality show “Real Mystics” led its slots by three main audiences. The project share by the commercial audience was 10.35 % while the total audience reached almost 8.5 mln viewers***. The detective stories “Agents of Justice”(produced by Tele Pro) also had high broadcasting indicators. The project led in its slot by the main audiences. Its share by the audience aged 18 to 54 (50 thousand +) was 12.51 %. In general, the project was watched by more than six million people***.

The favourite morning show of the Ukrainians was “Morning with Ukraine”. As for the audience aged 18+ (50 thousand +), the show ranked first in the information and entertainment genre and got the viewing share of 11.67 %. The audience of the popular morning show was almost six million viewers***.

The success of the TV channel “Ukraine” was also brought by the other morning, afternoon and prime projects produced by the channel itself (“Today. Summary with Oleh Paniuta”**/***, “Controller”**/***, “Sensational Case”**/***).

In order to retain its devoted audience, in July, the TV channel “Ukraine” started active work to prepare its new large-scale project “The Mask”, which is an adaptation of the global bestseller The Masked Singer. It also worked with the concert “Happy Birthday, Ukraine!” in the format of the video trip around the country with the best Ukrainian celebrities as guides, and shot new gripping series, which will be shown to the Ukrainians in the new TV season.


* The data have been calculated for the audience aged 18 to 54, sampling “50 thousand +”.

** The data have been calculated for the audience aged 18+, sampling “50 thousand +”.

*** The data have been calculated for the audience aged 4+, sampling “All Ukraine”.

The data on the TV audience research belong to ITC. Panel operator – Nielsen; monitoring by Communication Alliance. Data provided by the TV channel “Ukraine”. Data for 3 August 2020 – estimated and based on the indicators of rat%, shr% and cov#. More information on the indicators and determination of the target audience can be found in the ITC glossary.

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