Fremantle’s comment on the Maskarad TV series on 1+1

Published Tue, 6 October 2020, 19:00


Fremantle, the distributor of MBC’s The Masked Singer format, commented on the Maskarad TV series on 1+1.

Below is the unchanged English text of the comment:

“We are obviously very disappointed by 1+1’s actions. Despite reassurances they gave to us and to The Masked Singer’s format owner MBC that they would be making a genuine version of Mysteries in the Spotlight, it is very clear that in fact the show they have produced is much closer to The Masked Singer than it is to Mysteries. We will be referring the matter to FRAPA, the format industry association dedicated to the protection of formats, to get their view on what 1+1 have done and then will agree with our partners TRK Ukraine and MBC an appropriate response”.

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