Main information Ukrainian TV-Channel "Ukraine24" became available on the international platform Feedс.com

Published Fr, 30 October, 9:31

From September 2020, subscribers of one of the largest Georgian news platforms Feedс.com can watch the information channel - "Ukraine 24", which belongs to "Media Group Ukraine". Now more than 2 million unique users of the service and about 700 thousand active subscribers per month from Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Ukraine can daily receive up-to-date and verified information based on new generation technologies. Life stream of "Ukraine24" is now available in smartphones and web browsers. Moreover, each subscriber of the innovative free service has the opportunity to leave comments, enter into discussions and even become the author of articles available to millions.


Feedc is a media platform that includes a web service and application for smartphone and tablets, where users can become part of the events themselves. Subscribers can write full-fledged articles, create blogs, unique content, and exchange opinions. This is an innovative method of consuming and creating news, it is an international exchange of experience and the opportunity to watch and discuss the main information TV channels in the world of digital technologies already accepted by society.

Alexander Remezovsky, director of TV-channels distribution and media platforms: “Thanks to cooperation with Feedс.com, we are entering an era of new consumption of information and news content. In one place, in a usable application format right on your phone, you can watch country news, discuss analytical projects and share your opinion. For "Ukraine 24" it is a new level of distribution - expansion of coverage and jump into the digital. "Ukraine 24" has become not only the Ukrainian main information channel, but also the most technologically advanced one."

Yuriy Sugak, Editor-in-Chief, News Group Ukraine “We are pleased to be the first and exclusive Ukrainian supplier of high-quality news content for platform users. Working with Feedс.com is a strategically strong partnership that is important to the global communications agenda. The entry of our channel to the international market will allow viewers in other countries to get access to honest Ukrainian news. Channel "Ukraine 24" is making a step forward, expanding its geographical field of broadcasting, which is very pleased with our close-knit team. But we do not plan to stop there"

Nicholas Kvaratskelia, Director of Feedс.com "The partnership between Feedc and Media Group Ukraine exemplifies our mutual goal to connect people with relevant information and facilitate the content distribution process. This union reflects our desire to combine digital knowledge with media expertise in order to create an open flow of information in Ukraine. I am confident that this partnership will serve as a strong foundation for future endeavors together."

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