Ukrainian Women in VOGUE. Collector’s Edition

Published Mon, 9 November 2020, 13:57

In the modern world, women are increasingly making names for themselves. As a publication whose mission has long reached beyond the presentation of fashion trends, Vogue UA supports women’s projects and initiatives, covers them and participates in their promotion. The Ukrainian Women in Vogue anthology is a tribute to the heroines who appeared on the pages of the magazine.


Ukrainian singer Tina Karol is on the cover. Successful Ukrainian women presented in the book include outstanding fashion designers and photographers, musicians and female athletes, models and ballet dancers, successful actresses and artists, writers and publishers, entrepreneurs and public figures, heads of cultural institutions and founders of charitable foundations. All of them are well known in Ukraine and deservedly represent it on the global level. Each of them is a strong person with her own style, inspiring people by her own example. Vogue UA proudly tells about Ukrainian women who leave their mark on history. 

The release of the book is accompanied by a special project on the magazine’s website, a series of interviews where the women reflect on the balance between career and family, publicity and their understanding of happiness.

As of 11 November, the edition will be available in the Ye book-store, Bukva and the Central Department Store, as well as, in on-line stores such as,, Yakaboo, Amazon, eBay.

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