SCM anniversary greetings from its Shareholder Rinat Akhmetov

Published Sun, 15 November, 12:38

Dear Friends,

Today, all of us are celebrating a truly remarkable milestone – the 20th anniversary of SCM. On 15 November 2000, our company started its journey in Donetsk. 


In that moment, far back in 2000, we went beyond just opening a new business, we made the most important commitment to build our business in a transparent, ethical, professional, and responsible way. These very principles have been guiding us through all these years.

Over two decades we have faced many difficulties and real challenges. Yet, my confidence has never wavered: We will stay committed, motivated and ambitious as ever. We will withstand and continue our work!

What is SCM like as it turns 20? 

SCM is the biggest private investor and taxpayer.

SCM is a foothold of the Ukrainian economy that helps and supports the country.

SCM is a transparent, efficient, and responsible business.

But, above all, SCM is the people. SCM is each and every one of you, my dear friends. It is you who make our company strong and sustainable. It is your professionalism and engagement. Because for you SCM has become so much more than a place of work, something more important and more significant.

What does the future hold for us? The answer is simple and clear: we will continue to work, adhering strictly to our principles and ambitions. We will be adapting to the modern world. We will be changing the world around us by building and modernising, developing and providing help. I am confident that SCM will take its rightful place in the economy of the future. I believe that SCM will become the flagship of innovations both for Ukraine and the entire Eastern Europe. I am absolutely convinced that together we will be nothing but victorious!

Today I want to express my deep gratitude to all of you my friends for being with SCM. Thank you for your work, responsibility, and your feelings towards the Company. I wish you and your families all the best! Happy SCM anniversary!

With deepest respect, 

Rinat Akhmetov

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