A Year Together: “Ukraine 24” TV Channel Celebrates Its First Birthday

Published Wed, 16 December 2020, 10:51

December 16 marks the one-year anniversary of “Ukraine 24” — a TV channel of various opinions


“Ukraine 24” TV channel started broadcasting a year ago, on December 16. This year, the channel will celebrate its first birthday together with its viewers and is working on a lot of surprises in celebration of the holiday. Tala Kalatai, Serhii Nikiforov and Leila Mamedova will start the festivities on air of the “Ranok Chempioniv” show. During the day, three news presenters will host the most popular news programmes.

“TV is always in a continuous vortex of events, so we will celebrate our anniversary live doing our favourite jobs. You will have the chance to watch live broadcasts of the world’s leading media, meetings with the best news-makers in the world. So, our colleagues will go live on December 16, starting at 9:00 am, in particular Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Voice of America, “Dozhd” TV channel, BelSat, Euronews, and Nexta. We will summarize the results of the most high-profile events of 2020 followed internationally live,” said Yurii Suhak, Editor-in-Chief of News Group Ukraine.

Russian opposition TV channel Dozhd will exclusively comment on how it manages to criticize the government while maintaining its niche in the media market. The issues of freedom of speech in Ukraine and Russia and the role of the media in the conflict in Donbas will also be raised live.

Roman Protasevych, former Editor-In-Chief of the Nexta Telegram channel, will analyse the presidential election and the aftermath of mass protests in Belarus.

Together with Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (Brussels), the hosts will discuss the issues of Ukraine’s European integration, find out the latest details of the trial in the case of MH17.

Oleksii Demchenko, a freelance journalist for ReLevant, will comment on the most pressing aspects of repatriation to Israel via Skype.

 Euronews will discuss Ukraine’s position in the international arena and the Corona-crisis in Europe live.

A Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty correspondent in the Czech Republic will discuss the impact of the pandemic on European countries and how effective lock-downs and other quarantine restrictions are in counteracting the spread of COVID-19.

Danylo Rusakov, a journalist with the Russian television network of America (USA), will find out the role of the media in investigating high-profile cases (using the case of Hunter Biden as an example).

Daria Diiehuts, a Voice of America correspondent, will give a summary on how the media has influenced the process and results of the US presidential race.

Oleksii Dykovytskyi, Deputy Director of the BelSat Belarusian TV channel, together with Ivan Yakovyna, the presenter and a journalist at Ukraine 24, will discuss the role of the opposition and the place of the media in the mass protests in Belarus.

Dmytro Yelovskyi, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Dozhd TV channel, and Yevhenii Kiseliov, host of the author’s project on the Ukraine 24 TV channel, will discuss propaganda and misinformation, and how modern media manipulate public opinion.

In addition, the viewers may expect to find out some secrets of success of presenters, journalists at Ukraine 24 TV channel and the stories of their compatriots in different parts of the world.

 “We always want to hear our viewers, no matter the continent. That is why on our birthday, we will unite and communicate with viewers from different parts of the globe live: from Japan, Australia, Israel, Italy, France, Indonesia, the United States, Turkey, Ecuador, Cyprus, China, and other countries. We will share the stories of success of our compatriots who promote Ukraine abroad and our unsurpassed presenters who make the air so diverse. Our compatriot, who is currently residing in Ecuador, will share the story of establishment of his own brand for the production of oil and flour just in 5 years in a foreign country from scratch. The Ukrainian who is currently employed at Istanbul airport will discuss quarantine tourism. In Venezuela, a stamp dedicated to the Revolution of Dignity was created from a photo of our compatriot, a famous photographer. He carries its copies on him around the world and gives them to everyone who is interested in Ukraine. We will be talking to a Ukrainian conductor — the first woman to become the chief conductor in the opera and philharmonic orchestra of the Austrian city of Graz,” added Yurii Suhak.

Join Ukraine 24 on December 16! Celebrate with us and be the first to know the most interesting!

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