Media Group Ukraine Became International Distributor of Saga

Published Tue, 29 December 2020, 8:49

Media Group Ukraine Content Sales Department has debuted as a TV series distributor. The rights to adapt a twelve-episode series Saga have been sold to a Polish TV Group Polcast. The owner of the rights in the series is a film company Tri-Ya-Da Production, which produced the film, sponsored by Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine, at the order of TV Channel Ukraine.


The media holding Polcast comprises such big channels as Polonia 1, Tele 5, Novela TV and Water Planet. Hence, polish viewers can watch the adaptation of the unique series in their mother tongue and witness the most outstanding events of the Ukrainian history of the 20th century through the prism of an ordinary family’s life.

Iryna Chernyak, Director of Media Group Ukraine Content Sales Department, Director of TV Channel Ukraine Programming Products Acquisition: “Ukrainian costume dramas are becoming more and more popular in Poland. I am very pleased that our co-producer Tri-Ya-Da trusted us with the international distribution of this historical drama. I am sure there will be more countries and even more viewers around the world will have a chance to enjoy the bright story almost a century long.”

Saga shows the most important events in the history of Ukraine of last century depicting the lives of six generations of the Kozaks family. The characters will not avoid war tragedies, revolutions, Holodomor, Stalin’s repressions, the occupation of Kyiv in 1941, the Chernobyl disaster, the collapse of the USSR, the proclamation of independence and Euromaidan. The Kozaks must undergo challenges not only by history but also by feelings and pass the test of loyalty, both to their country and family.

The agreement on distribution of Saga is another experience of successful cooperation of Media Group Ukraine and its Polish partners. Previously, in August 2019, Media Group Ukraine concluded an agreement with a Polish group Polcast on sales of its content. Then the subject of the agreement were a psychological drama Who Are You? and a successful scripted reality show True Mystery.

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