Saga Now Available On Amazon

Published Wed, 13 January, 11:40

A TV series ‘Saga’, produced by ‘Tri-Ya-Da Production’ by order of TV Channel ‘Ukraine’, is now available on the popular international VOD platform Amazon Prime Video. The distributor of the show is ‘Media Group Ukraine’.


‘Saga’, a twelve-episode drama, tells a story of the Kozaks family that starts before WWI. Throughout the century, the Kozaks, together with the whole nation, go through different hardships and challenges that fell to Ukraine’s lot – wars, Holodomor, changes in the political course…  All these years they survive due to the firm foundation that supports the family: “Whatever happens around, we’re a family”. Quite often, this basis of the family code undergoes challenges. Rivalry in love, differences in worldviews, little and big fights – the Kozaks will not avoid them, just like millions of other Ukrainian families… What is waiting for the Kozaks in the future? Can they keep their unique world in which there’s room for laughter, tears, self-sacrifice, betrayal and big love, which has been protecting and uniting the family for centuries?

Iryna Chernyak, Director of Media Group Ukraine Content Sales Department, Director of TV Channel Ukraine Programming Products Acquisition, “Our distribution teams has been building relations with Amazon for several years. The release of the costume war drama with the ethnic flavor on the international platform implies that quality and deep projects can be interesting and clear to viewers all over the world.”

Ihor Volkov, ‘Tri-Ya-Da Production’ Producer, “The biggest streaming companies are only interested in quality TV shows that in their sense and content can be called truly international. For our studio, the release of our series on Amazon is first of all a reputational benefit. The fact that our ‘Saga’ is available on Amazon Prime says a lot about both the show’s rating and our possibilities as a production company. What’s even more important, it’s yet another step in popularizing Ukrainian TV series content outside Ukraine.”

In December 2020 the rights to adapt the twelve-episode ‘Saga’ were sold to a Polish group Polcast.

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