TV Channel “Ukraine”: #1 Channel in January

Published Mon, 1 February, 15:58

At the end January, 2021, the TV channel “Ukraine” ranked first by the main audiences: 18+, 4+, both in the cities with the population of 50,000+ and across the entire Ukraine. For the 18+ audience (50,000+)**, the share was 13.19%, the rating was 2.52%. For the 4+ audience (All Ukraine)***, the share was 12.24%, and the rating was 2.25%.


The TV channel “Ukraine” started 2021 with major television events.

On January 16, The Masked Singer hyper show, based on the format of the global best-seller, premièred on the TV channel “Ukraine”. The Masked Singer won over millions of viewers from the start: the audience of the first and second episodes was 7.1 million viewers***. The first and second episodes became the top shows of the day for all major audiences 18-54, 14-49, 18+, 4+ (50,000+ towns and cities). The average share of the two episodes of The Masked Singer for the 18-54 audience (50,000+) was 17.01%, rating was 5.23%, for the 18+ audience (50,000+) the share was 22.08%, rating was 8.55%. Peak share of the first episode in the 18+ audience (50,000+) reached 26.2%, while share of the second episode peaked at 28.2%. The première of the celebrity show The Masked Singer has been a huge success on YouTube. The first episode of the project already has 1.7 million views in record time for the channel. The YouTube channel of the show has almost 6 million views in total. Both episodes of the channel’s grand show were most trending on YouTube.

In addition, in January, the attention of the Internet audience was captivated by a large-scale holiday show New Year’s Eve on TV channel “Ukraine” (broadcast on 31 December 2020), which combined a grand concert in Mykhaylivska Square in Kyiv hosted by Olia “Queen of the Night” Poliakova and a celebrity karaoke show with Volodymyr Ostapchuk. The full version of the star-studded show has a record 3 million views on YouTube*, which is the highest rating among similar full-length versions of New Year’s projects on YouTube among Ukrainian TV channels in 2021.

In January, the popular social project Main Topic (Holovna Tema) with Olena Kot was launched in an updated format. From now on, the audience will get more exclusive materials, intrigue, and large-scale experiments. 5 important social topics are discussed in the same episode: money, health, quality of life, safety and leisure. The first episode received a share of 13.38% and the rating of 5.43% in the 18+ audience (50,000+).

Siohodni news spot was the constant leader of the information space for the general audience. In total, Siohodni gathered 9.7 million at 3:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m.; 9.7 million, 14 million; 6.2 million Ukrainians, respectively***. The leader among information and analytical weeklies is still Siohodni: A Week in Review with Oleh Paniuta; its share in January was 15.98% and the rating was 6.7% in the 18+ audience (50,000+).

The Ukraine Calling with Oleksii Sukhanov project was the leader of its slot for the general audience. The share of the project for the 18-54 audience (50,000+) was 8.89%, the share for the 18+ audience (50,000+) was 16.85%. In general, 12.24 million Ukrainians*** watched important and topical stories of the social talk show. 

An important component of the January success of the TV channel “Ukraine” was the premières of drama and romance series, including the première of the fifth season of the medical drama Women’s Doctor (Zhinochyi Likar) (produced by FILM.UA) with a share of 17.79% and a rating of 6.51% for the 18+ audience (50,000+). In total, the series was viewed by 12.13 million viewers***. The weekend series Remember Yourself (Zhadaty Sebe) (co-produced by Filmstream and the TV channel “Ukraine”) won a share of 19.10% and a rating of 7.37% in the 18+ audience (50,000+) and the love of 5.61 million viewers***. Diamond Crown (Diamanova Korona) (produced by Kyivtelefilm) became the best show of the day and received a share of 20.21%, a rating of 7.60% in the 18+ audience (50,000+) and caught the interest of 5.62 million viewers***.


* Data are calculated for audiences aged 18-54, sample “50,000+”.

** Data are calculated for audiences aged over 18, sample “50,000+”.

*** Data are calculated for audiences aged over 4, sample “Entire Ukraine”.

TV audience research data belong to TIC. Panel operator is Nielsen; monitoring by Communication Alliance. Data provided by TV channel “Ukraine”. Data for 30-31 January 2021 are preliminary, estimated according to rat%, shr%, and cov#. See details for the figures and definitions for target audiences in the TIC glossary.

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