Media Group Ukraine Presenting Special Project Dedicated to the 30th Anniversary of Ukraine’s Independence

Published Thu, 25 March, 14:15

Media Group Ukraine will celebrate the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence with a large-scale multi-platform project Ukraine We Are Building. It will be implemented by TV channels “Ukraine” and “Ukraine 24“, as well as the Group’s digital platforms, and social media.


Yevhenii Bondarenko, Director of Media Group Ukraine:

“In celebration of the thirtieth anniversary of independence, we would like our viewers to join us to remember what those decades were like. Remember to understand what unites Ukrainians and allows us to plan for a common future. On the air of our TV channels and on our digital resources, we will recall every year of this thirtieth anniversary and together we will remember the real history of Ukraine without political biases, the history that has room for everyone’s contribution.”

Oleksii Mustafin, historian, journalist, project manager:

“The country is not just an anthem, a coat-of-arms and a flag. Independence is not just symbols and words. Above all, it is the deeds of millions of citizens. With different names, backgrounds, jobs, and preferences. In thirty years, we have come a long way, experienced defeats and victories, difficulties and achievements. Some things we can remember with pride or a smile, and some things we should not be proud of. But all this is our personal experience and our common history. We invite our fellow countrymen to remember what happened over the course of those thirty years and to write down a real biography of independent Ukraine by arranging these pieces of the puzzle.”

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