#WomenHistoryMonth. Women of the Media Group Ukraine’s News Team

Published Mon, 29 March, 16:31

#WomenHistoryMonth. Women keeping us up to speed with the most important and topical events 24/7. Their job is a calling. Each of them creates a unique product on a daily basis, combining economic calculations and miscalculations into digestible stories and images throughout the country, turning confusing numbers into readable texts and compelling videos. They can explain the dangers of electricity imports using milk and tomatoes for illustrative purposes. And they know how to play out the imaginary game of chess with the enemy in order for Ukraine to win, count the railway sleepers, find the only place in the country where mercury thermometers are accepted for recycling and give advice on the most profitable job of the future.

Those women are part of the News Group Ukraine’s team. Read more to find out about things they love about their jobs, extraordinary and stereotypically unconventional situations for women they had to face, as well as what they enjoy doing in their free time.

Liudmyla Horbach is a data analytics editor at News Group Ukraine. She was born in the town of Pryluky in Chernihiv region, where she started her career at a local TV channel. Liudmyla was a correspondent, a camera woman and a film editor. Now, she is a part of our powerful news team.


“First, I was a journalist for the TV channel “Ukraine”. I spent 2 years in regular business trips in eastern Ukraine. You might say that it was the time when most of my job duties were considered unusual for women, which strikes me as a silly stereotype. Everyone can feel hurt, experience difficulties, and everyone has moments when it gets scary. Over the years of my employment by the TV channel, I have gone on business trips to different countries. I witnessed some historical events. Ukraine was given the Tomos in Istanbul right in front of my eyes. The presidents and prime ministers representing dozens of countries discussed ways to overcome hunger, poverty, and epidemics at the World Humanitarian Summit, and later I covered their decisions on TV. Now I am an editor. It is often necessary to study large amounts of data, to calculate something, to compare, to search for one most important line in hundreds of text pages. Most texts are about the economy, energy, utilities. Now, more than ever, my economic education has come in handy. I also have a degree in education. That may be why I like to share experiences. I host workshops.

I keep a pair of ballet shoes on the shelf with my regular ones. I dance three times a week in spite of everything. Travelling, crocheting and knitting are my hobbies as well. And there are always those who dream with me — my family and friends.”

Inna Hurinenko was born in Cherkasy. Now she is a news correspondent for Siohodni TV news. 


“Stories about people and for people are both my job and my hobby. I believe there are difficulties and advantages in any job. Therefore, I believe that when choosing a specialty, you should carefully look into the shortcomings, and if instead of scaring you away, they attract and excite you — then get to work! The most difficult thing for me in my job is that I am not taken seriously at first. Because a pleasant appearance, gentle voice and friendliness are for some reason perceived as weakness and incompetence. The metal in my voice and the constant demonstration of a deep understanding of the issue with the speakers, who presumably share the same level of education and social status with me, — those are the must-haves of my day at work. At the same time, in interactions with people on the streets, in the market or in difficult life situations, you need to be gentle and open, without seeming arrogant or superior. When people feel accepted, feel that you do not care about their clothes, appearance, lifestyle or income level, then they start trusting you. This is very satisfying and productive in my job. I think people’s trust is important for a journalist.”

Iryna Shcherbak is a special correspondent for TV channels “Ukraine” and “Ukraine 24”.


“Maybe it is just my luck (and it likely is), but I often get tasks unusual for women. I went 900 metres underground down into a coal mine, walked with the burly miners for miles to the place of coal mining, and only after I had done so, the miners started taking me seriously. I feel that at first there was a somewhat condescending attitude when I worked in hot conditions, shooting a steel-maker who does his magic with metal at 200 degrees day and night. When they say, “You cannot come here, it is dangerous!” and I will find a thousand arguments why I should shoot exactly from a certain angle. At first glance, a lot of things were atypical for us, women. But really, I enjoy it, because I would never try it in real life. This is why I love my job. At first I say “yes” and only then I think about what I signed up for. I love jogging in the morning and painting in my enclosed balcony.”

Anastasia Kataieva is a special correspondent for TV channel “Ukraine 24”. She was born in Zaporizhia studied and worked in Dnipro, a city with which she fully associates herself.


“I am a special correspondent. I cover energy, industry and taxes. I often find myself in unusual situations: I visit factories, thermal power plants and even went down to a mine once. And usually after these words, people around are surprised, because they do not understand how a girl can be in such places and especially understand such topics.

Occasionally, I also have to help the operator carry his equipment. And sometimes it weighs almost as much as I do (I am joking, of course, but it is really heavy equipment). The skills I learned from my hobby help me carry it around. I go to the gym three times a week. And those are not just some regular training sessions with two 2 kg dumbbells; sometimes I can barely walk home with exhaustion. And in addition, I go to the park for a run twice a week. I count calories, read a lot about anatomy and nutrition, because I like to understand how human body works.”

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