TV Channel “Ukraine”: #1 Channel in March

Published Fr, 2 April, 15:56

According to the results of March 2021, the TV channel “Ukraine” ranked first among national channels by main audiences: 18+, 4+, both in the cities with the population of 50,000+ and for the entire Ukraine.


For the 18+ audience (50,000+)**, the share of the channel was 12.42%, the rating was 2.21%; and for the 4+ audience (Entire Ukraine)***, the share was 11.57%, the rating was 1.95%.

In March, every episode of The Masked Singer, a celebrity detective show adapted from the global best-seller, became the top show of the day on Ukrainian television. For the 18+ audience (50,000+), the share of hyper-show was 24.85%, the rating was 9.14%; for the 14-60 audience (50,000+), the share was 18.56%, the rating was 5.78%; and for the 4+ audience (Entire Ukraine), the share was 22.81%, the rating was 7.63%. When the celebrity contestants of The Masked Singer dropped their masks, the peak shares reached record 36% in the 18+ audience (50,000+). In March, 9.45 million viewers*** watched the show, and the audience for the entire duration of the show is over 13 million Ukrainians***.

The 4th season of the makeover show Mission: Beauty (Misiya: Krasa) premièred on the TV channel “Ukraine”. The new episodes of the project will present thirty interesting and impressive stories of different couples. The hosts, Ilyas Sahtara and Iryna Frolova, will help participants change their appearance and solve psychological issues. The project launched with a share of 10.36%, a rating of 1.37% for the 18+ audience (50,000+) and was supported by 4.46 million Ukrainians***.

The channel also aired the new 12th season of the Real Mysticism (Realna Mistyka) scripted reality show (produced by the Tele Pro production company). The project premièred with a share of 7.55%, the rating of 1.18% for the 18+ audience (50,000+). In total, Real Mysticism was watched by 3.54 million viewers***.

Traditionally, Siohodni news spots remain the leaders among information broadcasting projects on Ukrainian television. In March, Siohodni news spots at 15:00, 19:00, and 23:00 gathered an audience of 8.65 million, 13.42 million, 6.33 million viewers***, respectively, and all of them were the leaders in their slots for a wide audience. The information weekly Siohodni. A Week in Review with Oleh Paniuta also enjoyed high degree of trust among viewers. The project received a share of 15.72%, a rating of 6.28% for the 18+ audience (50,000+) and was supported by 8.95 million Ukrainians***.

In March, 6.69 million Ukrainians*** started their day with the information and entertainment show Morning with Ukraine.

The series of the TV channel “Ukraine” have been updated by some exciting premières. The crime drama Open Target (Nezakryta Mishen) (produced by Saga Pictures) received a share of 13.39%, a rating of 4.66% for the 18+ audience (50,000+), and the interest of 10.2 million viewers***. 4-episode weekend mini-series Queen of the Roads (Koroleva Dorih) (produced by Filmstream), Youthful Indiscretions (Pomylky Molodosti) (produced by Kyivtelefilm), Sashka (produced by Ukrainian Production Studio) gathered more than 5 million viewers*** each.

In March, the TV channel Ukraine was the exclusive broadcaster of the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifying games. For instance, the matches of the Ukrainian national team against the national teams of France, Finland and Kazakhstan were watched by more than 3 million viewers*** each.


** Data are calculated for audiences aged over 18, sample “50,000+”.

*** Data are calculated for audiences aged over 4, sample “Entire Ukraine”.

TV audience research data belong to TIC. Panel operator is Nielsen; monitoring by Communication Alliance. The data provided by the TV channel “Ukraine”. Data as of March 30-31, 2021 are preliminary, calculated based on rat%, shr% и cov# values. See details for the figures and definitions for target audiences in the TIC glossary.

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