The Masked Singer on the TV channel “Ukraine” is the most popular TV show of the year

Published Tue, 13 April, 14:47

The Masked Singer, a grand show on the TV channel “Ukraine” whose final episode aired on Saturday, April 10, became the best entertainment TV series since the beginning of the year on Ukrainian television. The Masked Singer was the most watched prime time entertainment show among all major audiences: 18 to 54 (cities with population of 50,000+), 14 to 60 (cities with population of 50,000+), 18+ (cities with population of 50,000+), 4+ (entire Ukraine).


For the audience of 18-54 (50,000+ cities)*, The Masked Singer average share (shr) is 17.07%, rating (rat) is 5.1%; for the audience of 14-60 (50,000+ cities)**, the share is 18.68%, the rating is 5.79%; for the audience of 18+ (50,000+ cities)***, the share is 23.72%, the rating is 8.92%; for the audience of 4+ (entire Ukraine)****, the share is 21.45%, the rating is 7.38%. The Masked Singer figures significantly exceeded the figures of other prime time shows that aired on Ukrainian TV channels in 2021.

Each episode première of The Masked Singer was the undisputed leader of audience preferences and the best TV series of the day for all major audiences.  Over 14 million viewers***** watched the show aired by the TV channel “Ukraine”.

The Masked Singer pages on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok******, created specifically for the show première, were also a success. The number of unique viewers of the YouTube channel of the show exceeded 5.5 million. All the videos on the YouTube channel had 31,520,004 views, and the viewers spent more than 7.8 million hours in total watching The Masked Singer on YouTube. In March, YouTube channel of The Masked Signer Ukraine got the Silver Play Button, and it reached 125,000 subscribers by the final episode day. The TikTok channel of the show has also already reached more than 118,000 subscribers, and the video of Oleh Vynnyk not recognising his own song was viewed more than 2.8 million times.

Ukraine became the 30th country to adapt the world-famous The Masked Singer format. The show’s creative team brought many unique ideas to the Ukrainian adaptation that no other country has ever seen before. The Masked Singer Ukraine had record 12 episodes. For them, 22 unique costumes were created with the completely unique designs compared to other countries. Original Ukrainian characters – Buriak (Beet), Molfar (Sorcerer), Koza (Goat) and Krapanka (Easter Egg) – have appeared in the show of the TV channel “Ukraine”. A brand new, innovative scene with incredible mask-screens and 3D effects was developed for the Ukrainian adaptation. For the first time, the show host changed his image in each episode. The project team came up with 11 original images for Volodymyr Ostapchuk – from Terminator to Elsa – while before Ukraine, a host usually wore just a classic tuxedo. For the first time in the Masked Singer Ukraine, the fifth “secret” detective was hidden behind a mask and showed his face only on the air. As you might recall, this detective was Oleh Vynnyk, who was hiding behind the Buffalo mask. The original idea of the TV channel “Ukraine” digital team was a unique BackShow for the project digital platforms and its mysterious host Mr. Mask.

Fremantle, the format right holder, highly appreciated the creative ideas of the Ukrainian team of the show and plans to further offer them in other countries. Jonathan Balen, Fremantle Executive Producer, commented on the success of The Masked Singer:

“We are very proud of the success of The Masked Singer in Ukraine. The creative team implemented a lot of interesting and original ideas, which no doubt contributed to the show huge popularity. Lighting, graphics, costumes, production – everything is done flawlessly thanks to the constant communication and effective cooperation of creative and technical teams who managed to ensure a fascinating show for the audience. Needless to say that the host, Volodymyr Ostapchuk, has an incredible charisma, unique style and unforgettable looks. I will always remember his Terminator! We are already sharing great examples and lessons of the Ukrainian team with our teams around the world to make the global success of our popular format even higher.”

As previously reported, the TV channel “Ukraine” has already started work on the second season of The Masked Singer, and voice tests of potential contestants are underway. The project team is already working on incredible images for the second season, and the TV channel “Ukraine” invites its viewers to join the creation of fantastic images. Please send your sketches to the email address

The second season of The Masked Singer, the most mysterious show on the Ukrainian television with the top celebrity cast, is coming to the TV channel “Ukraine”.


* Data are calculated for audiences aged 18-54, sample “50,000+”. 

** Data are calculated for audiences aged 14-60, sample “50,000+”.

*** Data are calculated for audiences aged over 18, sample “50,000+”.

Data are calculated for audiences aged over 4, sample “Entire Ukraine”.

*****Coverage of all episodes of The Masked Singer aired by the TV channel “Ukraine”. Period: 16 December 2021 to 10 April 2021 Audience 4+ (Entire Ukraine); the data are preliminary.

****** Statistics of The Masked Singer digital platforms as of 10 April 2021.

TV audience research data belong to TIC. Panel operator is Nielsen; monitoring by Communication Alliance. Data provided by TV channel “Ukraine”. Data for 1 January 2021 to 11 April 2021 are preliminary, calculated based on rat%, shr% and cov# figures. See details for the figures and definitions for target audiences in the TIC glossary.

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