Korean Viewers To Enjoy Media Group Ukraine’s TV Shows

Published Wed, 28 April, 9:46

While the world is closed for travelling, Ukrainian TV series are opening the borders of Asia. A range of popular melodramas by Media Group Ukraine is to run on the Korean TV channel Тamunhwa.


The long shows ‘Diva’, ‘Secrets’, ‘The Jewelers Clan’, ‘Kovalchuk The Heart Doctor’ Seasons One and Two, “Queen Of The Game’ and ‘Gypsy Lyalya’, which  at different times enjoyed great success on TV channel ‘Ukraine’, will be available to viewers of South Korea this summer. All the series are related by strong dramatic stories and life values that are clear to viewers of any continent – love, jealousy, betrayal, friendship, faith in the best and hope.

The package of the TV series for Tamunhwa was purchased by a Korean company Magic Image CO., LTD (MICO).


Jeon Hongdeog, Director of MICO: «We are happy to make the first step in our cooperation with Media Group Ukraine. We at MICO are planning to keep developing our relations by sharing quality content».

Iryna Chercnyak, Director of Media Group Ukraine Content Sales Department: “Entering the Asian market is one of our strategic tasks for 2021. Last year we won Vietnam, and now we are confidently coming into the South Korean market. The sale of our content to Тamunhwa is only the beginning of the successful path. We are happy of such partnership and hope for the fruitful collaboration in the future.”


Magic Image CO.,LTD. (MICO)

MICO operates a business in the areas of production, distribution, management, and exportation of animated visuals through 2D, 3D, CG, CGI, Flash Animation, and internet. MICO intends to lead the future of the cultural business market by integrating cultural contents, knowledge, and IT technology and works with educational professionals as the key aspect of our management. And, the most strong point of MICO is be able to make 100% pure creative animation in a short time.

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