TV Channel ‘Ukraine’ Is Preparing Unique Show Based On All Together Now

Published Fr, 21 May, 15:03

TV Channel ‘Ukraine’ has purchased rights to adapt the grand music show based on the worldwide format of All Together Now. The rightholder of the All Together Now format is Banijay Rights. The participants of the new singing project will be competing to win the favor of the unusual jury whose scale is going to be impressive.

All Together Now

The entertaining project based on the British format of All Together Now first aired on BBC in 2018 and quickly became popular among viewers in almost twenty countries. Among them are Italy, France, Australia, the Netherlands, Brazil, Denmark, Poland and others. Ukraine has become the eighteenth nation in which the music show will be aired.

“TV Channel ‘Ukraine’ confidently entered the territory of grand entertainment projects with the premiere of its ‘MASKA‘, which impressed everyone with its novelty and scale. Again, we’re taking up absolutely new story for the Ukrainian viewer but no less large scale. The format of All Together Now is unique in both its specularity and emotional tension as well as its rules. For the first time on the national television the contestants’ talent will be evaluated by a hundred judges. I’m sure it’s going to be a truly people’s project,” comments Victoria Korogod, Director of TV Channel ‘Ukraine’.

According to the project rules, the participants appear on stage to show their singing talent to a unique jury consisting of a hundred music experts. These are Ukrainian artists known by the whole nation. Each participant has a task to sing their favorite song in a way to make as many judges stand up and sing along as possible. The more people sing with them, the higher are their chances to compete for the victory in the grand finale.

TV Channel ‘Ukraine’ has begun the casting of singers for the project. To participate in the show it is not necessary to be a professional singer or have experience of performing on stage. The participants may sing in any genre and do it single or as part of a vocal group.

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