TV Channel “Ukraine”:#1 Channel in May

Published Wed, 2 June, 14:32

According to the results of May 2021, the TV channel “Ukraine” ranked first among the Ukrainian TV channels both within the main audiences both in cities with a population of 50,000+ and for entire Ukraine.



Within the 18+ audience (50,000), the TV channel’s share (shr,%)* was 11.73%, the rating (rat, %) was 1.83%. Within the 4+ audience (entire Ukraine)***: the share (shr,%) was 10.81%, the rating (rat,%) was 1.48%.

The success of the TV channel “Ukraine” in May was due to high viewing figures of informational and journalistic broadcasting, premières of exciting TV series.

For example, a popular social talk show Ukraine Calling (Hovoryt Ukraina) hosted by Oleksii Sukhanov remains one of the audience’s favourites. In May, the social project was the leader of its slot in terms of audiences of 18+ (50,000+), 4+ (Entire Ukraine), having the share of 15.08%, the rating of 5.24%, and the share of16.40%, the rating of4.95%, respectively. Within a month, the hard-hitting stories in talk shows were viewed by 10.63 million Ukrainians***.

In May, premières of prime-time TV series and weekend miniseries were added to the channel’s film and series line-up. Criminal drama  Save the Faith (Vriatuvaty Viru) (Kyivtelefilm production) had a share of 14.23%, the rating of 4.79% within the 18+ audience (50,000+) and was enjoyed by 9.01 million Ukrainians***. Mystery drama The Theory of Evil (Teoriia Zla) about the life story of a therapist who gets caught up in the cycle of strange mysterious events (Saga Pictures production) received a share of 13.91%, the rating 4.85% within the 18+ audience (50,000+), and had 7.38 million viewers***. 8-episode TV series Crystal Peaks (Kryshtalevi Vershyny) (IVORY films production) also had a high viewership: its share and rating were 11.79% and 4.01%, respectively: in total, the series was viewed by 6.75 million people***. The weekend soap opera Three Colours of Love (Try Koliory Kokhannia) starring Anna Koshmal (Ukrainian Production Studio production) was viewed by the audience of 4.43 million viewers***.

Siohodni (Today)news remains the leader of information broadcasting on Ukrainian television among the general audience. In May, Siohodni organised an open-air folk embroidery show dedicated to the International Vyshyvanka Day at the best observation deck in Kyiv, the Parkovy Congress and Exhibition Centre. The Vyshyvanka Day Festival featured Ukrainian celebrities, actors and TV presenters.

In May, information and analytical weekly show Siohodni. A Week in Review with Oleh Paniuta remained the leader of the slot among the general audience.  The share within the general audience was 12.74%, the rating was 4.12%**, and the show was viewed by 8.08 million Ukrainians***.

The channel’s infotainment project Morning with Ukraine (Ranok z Ukrainoiu) that helps Ukrainians wake up, was viewed by 5.97 million  people***.

In May, the TV channel “Ukraine” as an exclusive broadcaster was streaming the 60th anniversary award ceremony Taras Shevchenko National Award. This cultural event was hosted by the TV channel’s celebrities Lilia Rebryk and Oleksii Sukhanov. Almost 2 million  viewers*** were watching the live broadcast of the Shevchenko Award.

The channel was also an exclusive broadcaster of the test match of the national teams of Ukraine and Bahrain in preparation for the final tournament of Euro 2020. The fierce football game was watched by almost 3 million viewers***.


 * Data are calculated for the audience aged 18 to 54, 50,000+ sample.

** Data are calculated for the 18+ audience, 50,000+ sample.

*** Data are calculated for the 4+ audience, Entire Ukraine sample.

TV audience research data belong to TIC. Panel operator is Nielsen; monitoring by Communication Alliance. The data are provided by the TV channel “Ukraine”. Data for 30-31 May 2021 are preliminary, calculated based on rat%, shr% and cov# indicators. For more information on metrics and target audience identification, see the TIC glossary.

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