Andrii Tiuleniev Has Been Appointed as CRO of Media Group Ukraine

Published Wed, 9 June, 8:30

Media Group Ukraine (MGU) is pleased to announce the appointment of Andrii Tiuleniev as the new Chief Revenue Officer. Andrii has broad and unique experience within media industry. His insights include advertising and sponsorship, as well as development and market launch of new products. Before joining MGU he served as a CEO of StarLight Brand Content sales house and made a significant contribution to the development of the industry as a board member of the European Group of Television Radio Advertising (EGTA). He holds a Master of Business Administration degree from London Business School.

Андрій Тюленев

Andrii Tiuleniev, Chief Revenue Officer of Media Group Ukraine:  “We are not just witnessing the tectonic shifts in the global media, we also have a chance to lead the changes in Ukraine. I believe that Media Group Ukraine is more prepared for solving such problems and, accordingly, it should develop oneself as a modern media business faster than other market players. It is a big challenge to change the commercial products of the Group to create new market demand and provide stable financing for broadcasting, content production, and development of digital assets. Therefore, I am pleased to join the team of the professionals who are shaping the future of the media in our country and abroad.”

Evgeniy Bondarenko, Head of Media Group Ukraine:  “As a business oriented on the economic efficiency, we will develop promising areas and increase revenues of MGU, since we have all necessary resources. The exclusive content and the team of talented specialists – from the creative team of channels and production houses to the experienced professionals in our in-house full-cycle media agency – are some of our striking advantages. We highly value experience of Andrii, his authority and expertise, so we are glad to welcome him to the MGU team.”

Andrii Tiuleniev ultimately served as CEO of StarLight Brand Content, the sales house of the StarLightMedia group, from 2018. By now, he held different roles in STB TV Channel and Ukrainian Media Holding. He is in media since 1995, having started his career as a press reporter.

For a number of years Andrii led topic of sponsorship and branded content in European Television and Radio Advertising Group (EGTA) as a Board Member of this influential association that unites all industry leaders on the continent.

Andrii holds a degree in Journalism from Kharkiv National University and Business Administration degree from London Business School, one of the leading business schools globally. He is also qualified software programmer and is certified by IAE Business School in Buenos Aires.

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