Five Million Ukrainians Supported Our National Team Watching the TV Channel “Ukraine”

Published Thu, 17 June, 12:59

The live broadcast of the first game of the Ukrainian national football team at Euro 2020 in 2021 was watched by 4,481,128 fans* and became the best program of the day within all the major audiences**.


During the broadcast of the Netherlands vs Ukraine game, one in three TV viewers was watching the TV channel “Ukraine”. The audience share (shr) of the channel, estimated by the total 4+ audience (Entire Ukraine) was 25.1%, rating (rat) was 6.81%. Within the 18 to 54 commercial audience (cities of 50,000+), the share was 28.01%, rating (rat) was 6.74%; within the 18+ general audience (cities of 50,000+), the share was 28.9%, rating (rat) was 8.68%; within the 14 to 49 audience (cities of 50,000+), the share was 27.32%, rating (rat) was 5.78%; within the 14 to 60 audience (cities of 50,000+) the share 27.46%, rating (rat) was 6.69%.

On 13 June the TV channel “Ukraine” was also the first among domestic TV channels within all the major audiences.

TV channel “Ukraine” is the official broadcaster of Euro 2020.

Watch all the Euro 2020 matches exclusively on OLL.TV.

 * Data are calculated for the audience aged over 4, “Entire Ukraine” sample.

** Data are calculated for the audiences aged 18 to 54, 18+, 14 to 49, 14 to 60, 50,000+ sample, 4+, “Entire Ukraine” sample.

TV audience research data belong to TIC. Panel operator is Nielsen; monitoring by Communication Alliance. Data are provided by the TV channel “Ukraine”. Data for 13 June 2021 are preliminary, calculated based on rat%, shr% and cov# indicators. For more information on metrics and target audience identification, see the TIC glossary.


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