Сьогодні Website Revamps Its LIFE Section — Now With A Modern Cover And Concept

Published Tue, 13 July, 12:48

 In June, Сьогодні website team presented a redesign of its Life Сьогодні section, focusing on the needs of the modern reader.

 The Life Сьогодні section was completely reformatted to change both the website’s design and functionality for the convenience of users. The project team has comprehensively handled the issue of changes in the concept of the whole project and its structure.


 Now the left part of the website has a system of widgets, which will interactively help you decide on a dish for dinner suggest people to follow on Instagram and even make a forecast for the day. To the right of the website, there is a classic news feed. The centre is dedicated to the main content. Here everyone can learn about the current affairs, hot trends and view selections on specific topics.

 Widgets in the left part are the feature of the Life Сьогодні section. These are special programs that perform lots of interactive functions, including randomisers, calculators, galleries.


 They will help readers learn a lot of useful information, such as life hacks and trends, interesting events held on weekends and movie premières. Generating a random toast, asking an important question and getting an answer from the magic ball featured in Route 60, finding a perfectly compatible zodiac sign, calculating your BMI and even the number of calories in specific foods — all this is available in the Life Сьогодні section.

 Widgets are also becoming an additional opportunity and innovation for commercial customers. They will advertise and promote any products, brands, customer services in an interactive, user-friendly way.


 Instagram users got used to Stories, and in Life Сьогодні offers a similar feature on the project’s main page, as well as in each section. These are important special topics, the hottest news, breaking news that the reader simply cannot miss! These are the stories that allow you to keep up with the flow of information and trends.

 Other changes include the Lifehacker service. It shows you popular life hacks and the most frequent user queries on Google, which can be filtered by various subject groups. Feedback is available for readers within the service. Anyone can create a query with the “How?” wording and get a response from the Life Сьогодні expert to their email.

“Life Сьогодні is the coolest project in terms of structure and visuals in the Ukrainian media market. It has been created to inform, entertain and help its readers. Usability has improved, the project has become even more intuitive and convenient for the audience. After the redesign, Life Сьогодні is no longer a website in the classic sense. It is a symbiosis of social media, widget systems and service products such as Lifehacker. Today’s project team has created an innovative product that pushes the boundaries of opportunities for both readers and commercial customers,” Anna Yaroshenko says about the Product Lead Life Сьогодні changes.

 These are not the last updates that the team have up their sleeve. Life Сьогодні will keep making global structural and conceptual changes. Some of the existing columns will become independent, full-fledged sections within Life Сьогодні. The project continues to actively grow and change, taking into account the needs of readers, commercial customers and digital trends.

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