Position of Media Group Ukraine: Is Media Group Ukraine Ready To 16 July 2021?

Published Thu, 15 July, 14:33


 We, Media Group Ukraine, confirm that we have always complied and will comply with the laws of Ukraine. The Ukrainian TV space must be Ukrainian-speaking – this is our conscious choice and strategy for the development of the media group we are committed to with respect for our viewers and without losing the quality of content. 

 Media Group Ukraine will continue to invest in the production of high-quality Ukrainian TV products. As a leader in the production and broadcasting of TV series, information, sports and entertainment content, our media group has made a significant contribution to the development of the domestic TV industry, and, in fact, to the production of TV content in Ukrainian.

 Since 2018, 1860 hours of original Ukrainian-language serial content have been filmed upon our request. There are currently another 180 hours in production for the autumn season of 2021.

 The whole country has just watched the football broadcasts — in Ukrainian, of course, — of EURO 2020 on the TV channels “Ukraine” and “Football”. Over 15 million Ukrainians took part in this joint European football holiday and supported our national team. In total, the TV channels “Football” and “Ukraine” broadcast almost 2,100 hours of football content in Ukrainian every month. These are 25,200 hours a year. 

 We produce impressive volumes of premier information content production in Ukrainian: TV channel “Ukraine 24”, which is a leader in information broadcasting in the country, broadcasts at least 4,800 hours a year, and news programs account for at least 800 hours on the national TV channel “Ukraine”. 

 NLO TV and Indigo TV — our TV channels aimed at young audiences —, already broadcast almost 100% of all their content in Ukrainian. Ukrainian dubbing of the iconic series such as The Simpsons, South Park, Big Bang Theory by NLO TV has become no less iconic than the series themselves. And for us, the quality of dubbing and voice acting is really important. After all, we respect our viewers and invest in the quality of the TV product at every stage of its creation.

 We know how to create quality content and we do it every day. The evidence is the TV ratings and love of viewers. We neither compromised nor lowered standards even during the difficult quarantine period, which tested the strength of the industry. 

 And do not forget that the media, including the TV industry, are a business. We have certain production processes that require financial, time, material and human resources. Due to the strict quarantine that we lived and worked under for almost the entirety of the past year, these processes, of course, became more complicated and somewhat slowed down. We keep replacing Russian-language TV content with Ukrainian-language one, but the main challenge for us is to do it as efficiently as possible, focusing all production efforts, first of all, on the première original product. 

 It is important to understand that if we, Ukrainian TV channels, do not offer our viewers TV content, including series, of proper quality, the viewer will easily find it on other platforms. And, let’s be honest, most of it will be Russian, since Russian TV channels and individual series are available in Ukraine both through an open satellite signal and on the Internet. This is the reality, which can be costly for our state if ignored.

 Ukrainian TV groups have worked together to develop the industry and draw the viewers back to the Ukrainian information space, to Ukrainian content. We, Media Group Ukraine, believe that our progress should be developed systematically and meaningfully, in compliance with the laws of Ukraine, without the risk of losing our common achievements or damaging the information security of the state.

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