Independence Day with the Best Ukrainian Films

Published Thu, 26 August, 15:53

 Night of Ukrainian cinema on the roof of the Central Department Store on Independence Day: this is how Media Group Ukraine together with OLL.TV decided to celebrate the occasion. 

 On the evening of August 24, the audience was invited to watch My Thoughts Are Quiet (Moyi Dumky Tykhi), a film presented by Irma Vitovska, who played the lead role, and actor Roland Mishko. For the Central Department Store, it was the first film shown on the roof. 

 According to the OLL.TV streaming platform users ratings, My Thoughts Are Quiet was the best film of 2020. It is a laureate of numerous prizes and competitions in Ukraine and abroad: The film won a special jury award at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival and was recognised as the best feature film at the Santa Monica Film Festival. 

 An ironic comedy directed by Antonio Lukic tells the story of Vadym, a young sound director who goes to Zakarpattia to record the voices of wild birds. His mother joined him on his trip (this role was played by Irma Vitovska). The dramedy adventures of the son and the mother take place against the backdrop of picturesque landscapes and tourist attractions of the region.

 In addition to festival awards and successful film distribution, the film is iconic for several other reasons. The film crew consisted of the newcomers who represent the new wave of Ukrainian cinema. “The success of the film evidences that Ukrainian cinema experiences its renaissance,” says Irma Vitovska


 Therefore, the screening of the film on the day of the 30th anniversary of the proclamation of Independence of Ukraine is symbolic: these young filmmakers are the ones who shape the future of Ukrainian culture.

 The actress shared with the audience the behind the screen details, funny moments during the filming and ideas and messages of the story that she related to.

 “One of the components of the film’s success is that it is not only the statement of an auteur’s but also accessible to a wide audience. It’s about everyone, so it resonates with an average moviegoer. The film has lots of metaphors expressed in simple terms, talking about growing up, cutting the cord to your mother, cutting the cord to the homeland, the role of wonder in life… About uniting families too. We wanted to convey the following message: Call your mum! And then we added another one: Call your dad!” Irma Vitovska told the audience who came to the holiday show.

 She also emphasised the organic nature of the Ukrainian language in the film: it is modern, urban and even “the silence in the movie is in Ukrainian”.

 At the end of the festive night, everyone watched the film.

 “It was important for us to hold a night of Ukrainian cinema on Independence Day, since the renaissance of domestic cinema is one of the achievements for these 30 years. Media Group Ukraine systematically supports Ukrainian cinema: we are partners of the Zniato v Ukraini (Made in Ukraine) contest, the Zolota Dzyga film award, the Odesa International Film Festival. It’s a pleasure that young Ukrainian directors are already making films that are screened to hundreds of people even a year after the première. We believe that the collection of the best Ukrainian cinema on the OLL.TV platform will help increase the popularity of our films, actors and directors,” says Olena Shramko, PR Director of Media Group Ukraine.

 As reported earlier, My Thoughts Are Quiet and other Ukrainian films can also be viewed online on OLL.TV in the collection of the best Ukrainian cinema.


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