Ukrainian Channels are now available in the new American OTT platform – Boss TV

Published Wed, 8 September, 17:29

 One more standalone package with Ukrainian channels was launched as a result of a new deal of Media Group Ukraine (MGU) and American Life TV streaming service Boss TV. The main subscribers of Boss TV are ethnic communities from all over the world. Now Boss TV viewers can subscribe for an a la carte offering with MGU own channels “Ukraine 24”, “Ukraine 1”/”Ukraine 2”, “NLO TV 2” as well as the partners’ “Star Cinema”, “Star Family”, “X-Sport”, “Fishing TV” traditionally.

 Oleksandr Remezovskyi, Channels’ Distribution Director, Media Group Ukraine: “We are strengthening the position of our international distribution by launching the Ukrainian package one by one. This is the third provider we have signed a similar deal with. Each of them is technologically advanced. Partnering with Boss TV will allow us to reach a dynamic audience of Ukrainians in North and South America who consume content through devices: tablets, smartphones or web.”

 Users would be using the least amount of bandwidth with the best possible video definition without sacrificing video/audio quality. Subscribers can order to record any program and it remains in the cloud, thus avoiding the consumption of memory space in mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets. Live interaction allows users to take action on what the live video asks or offers them. For example, the user is watching the commercial of a pizza chain, then the user by swiping on the video can order or request information or go to the website of that specific pizza chain.

 “BossTV digital platform allows consumers to stream live and on-demand content and offers extensive marketing, data, and analytics tools that empower businesses to generate revenue and enhance interaction with their audience. With our platform, MGU will be able to access information about subscribers in real-time, enabling them to better understand their audiences and drive their business possibilities and content accordingly.” – comments Jose Paternostro – Global Business Development director.

 We would like to remind you that Media Group Ukraine’s international channel “Ukraine 24” is already available in over 15 countries of the world for 30 million households. Moreover, Ukrainian packages are already available for Ukrainians in Portugal and Canada.

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