OLL.TV Launches A New Platform

Published Mon, 20 September, 14:36

 Ukrainian service OLL.TV has announced the launch of a new platform and a general update for all major devices such as Smart TV, Android TV, smartphones, tablets and the website. The service has completely redesigned its look, structure, management and specifications. 

 “The purpose of the service update is to make OLL.TV convenient for our users, modern, beautiful and competitive with the world’s best OTT platforms,” says Vitalii Chirkov, Director of OLL.TV Content and User Experience. “The advantage of the new platform is that now the interfaces and user experience on all platforms are completely aligned. Where OLL.TV used to be three different apps with different designs, behaviour logic, locations of content, ways of its description on TV, website and mobile phones, now it is a unified system. And if you switch from one device to another, you will not get lost, since the apps are the same. And behind these beautiful and user-friendly interfaces lies powerful performance, since along with the redesign, we have improved the service infrastructure.

 The platform has become modern, easy-to-use, more user-friendly; it offers many interesting and convenient features and new sections. For example, we added the Favourites section, where users can save selected movies, series, shows and channels and watch at any convenient time and place on every device. You can now easily watch a movie or TV series, starting from the timestamp where you stopped on every device. 

 “We want to create a completely new experience for users,” says Mykola Koretskyi, Development Department Director. “We want the new app to change the attitude to the OLL.TV brand itself. We want to make the service mega-reliable. We have almost completely redesigned the UI and UIX of our applications, as well as changed our backend, fixed infrastructure errors. All the programs and services are now stable and convenient to use.”

 Tested with the flight of a ball

 Image quality on channels and sports broadcasts has also improved significantly. We purchased powerful equipment to upgrade the entire system, choosing among the most prestigious transcoding producers. 

 “We tested the picture by watching a ball flying,” says Leonid Sapelnykov, Infrastructure Department Head. “We watched the matches live and followed the movement of a ball. This makes the differences in quality obvious. For example, if you look closely, you can see that the audience suddenly blurs in the background when the focus is on the football. Or instead of one football player, there are three running football players. We were very demanding when making our choice to make all the elements on the viewer’s screens clear and in focus in our broadcasts. And now we can say without false modesty that the image quality on our service is the best in Ukraine.”

 Another important issue that needed to be addressed was the CDN, a video content delivery system. The closer the server is to the subscriber, the better the signal on the screen is. 

 “By proximity, we mean the number of intermediate providers between the subscriber and us rather than the distance,” explains Leonid Sapelnykov. “To do this, we purchased the latest servers that have higher bandwidth. And now we distribute them among local providers as much as possible. There are providers that willingly meet us halfway, since it is a win-win solution for both of us and, most importantly, for our common customers. However, there are also providers who “forget” that subscribers have already paid for the Internet and request payment from the platform. They do not care about the quality of the customer experiences in their Internet network. We take a stance and do not partner up with such providers.”

 Emphasis on content. And it’s not just about football.

 OLL.TV has always been a platform that has been positioned and known as a football service. It is clear that live football broadcasts do not go anywhere. In this case, OLL.TV is traditionally strong, exclusively broadcasting matches of the Championship of Ukraine and the national team of Ukraine. But at the same time, the updated service has significantly expanded its feature content: movies, TV series and TV channels.

 “Yes, this is a radical change,” said Vitalii Chirkov. “We have significantly changed our content policy, exclusively got the best international series from Amediateka; we closely cooperate with IVI, and its library is offered as part of our packages. We have launched our own production of quality content: our first Original series named Evil Silence (Zlomovchannia) starring Kseniia Mishyna will be released in December. We have also signed contracts with the best TV channels on the market, including film, educational, entertainment and sports TV channels, and put them in our most popular packages so that football is the only argument for subscribing to OLL.TV. In fact, today we have the best offer on the market in terms of price and content, and definitely the best offer of TV series in Ukraine.”

 “We are ready to become the best service in Ukraine”

 “We understand that this is not the end of our development, but, in certain sense, just the beginning: We will make the service better and fill it with additions and improvements based on feedback from our users,” says Mykola Koretskyi. “We can say that from now o, every subscriber of our service will participate in the service improvement. We are starting to work closely with Big Data, so that the system of recommendations can select the best content for each user individually.”

 “Another important issue that cannot be ignored is the price,” adds Yuliia Trybushna, Director at OLL.TV. “Theoretically, you can, of course, buy all the content available on the market and offer it to the user at some incredible, unacceptable price. When thinking about the user, we are always looking for the optimal price-quality ratio. And it seems to us that we have succeeded: for a relatively small fee on today’s market — UAH 109 — we offer our user a package with a unique collection of premium film and educational channels, access to all popular Ukrainian TV channels, a huge library of films and an outstanding collection of TV series, both Ukrainian and foreign, made by HBO and other top content producers. Only on OLL.TV you can legally watch hit series such as Game of Thrones, Real Detective, Sex and the City, Billions or enjoy premières of new series with the whole world.”

 “There are no perfect systems,” says Vitalii Chirkov. “Therefore, we will constantly improve it, and it will be an endless process, since the world is developing very fast now. Technology is changing and so are user preferences. For example, TikTok became a sponsor of the World Cup. Just think about it, TikTok and UEFA! Everything is changing, which is why we have to change constantly. And believe me, OLL.TV can and will be the best service in Ukraine. We are ready for this and will do our best to achieve it.”




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