Kyiv Media Week-2021: Improving Efficiency of Intra-Industry Processes, Yevhenii Bondarenko

Published Wed, 22 September, 15:45

 Over the next year, our media group is going to increase the efficiency of processes within the company and take an active part in intra-industry projects.

 Yevhenii Bondarenko, CEO of Media Group Ukraine, spoke at the Kyiv Media Week forum about the redistribution of income, the growth of OTT platforms, the needed reboot of the advertising sales model, the support of TV series production at the state level and the creation of a national OTT operator.

 “5 years ago, the revenue structure of traditional Ukrainian TV was as follows: advertising and sponsorship accounted for 95%, all the rest for 5%. Our share of off-air revenues managed to exceed 50% back in 2019. We get revenues from direct subscribers of platforms (DTH and OTT) and an increase in the retransmission fee (retransmission of platform TV channels, operators, etc.). The pay-TV segment (our OTT OLL.TV platform, Xtra.TV satellite platform and the Football channels) has grown significantly and has already exceeded the television advertising market. In this segment, the situation with satellite operators is the most challenging, since after the satellite coding, many potential subscribers began to hope for decoding promised by government agencies, which did not happen, and over this time people have migrated somewhere: Some people continued to use the free satellite services, some bought DVB-T2, etc. Yes, DTH operators are growing, but this is a completely different growth rate compared to what the market could reach,” Yevhenii admits. 

 He also noted that in the coming year, the media group is going to increase the efficiency of processes within the company and take an active part in intra-industrial projects.

 “Within the industry, we do not interact effectively enough with the advertising model of monetisation. As the digital audience targeting becomes more precise, television remains the area that can be improved, while the wide commercial audience can be expanded to the age of 14-64 (the current age group is 18-54). The current audience was determined 20 years ago, but now purchasing power, habits and models are already more diverse in the age context. There is a Nova Poshta post office, mobile internet in every village now. People aged, say, 54 consume services in the same way as they did in the noughties, when they were 34. Accordingly, we need to improve the sales model of advertising: expand audiences and enable advertisers to use broad agreements to increase the speed of advertising campaigns building,” Bondarenko emphasised.

 According to the director of Media Group Ukraine, initiatives on state support for the TV series production deserve special attention.

 “Numerous dialogues are underway, but there is no shift yet. I hope we will move in this direction soon. I also continue to believe in the national OTT operator project, if media groups, productions and some OTT market players unite into a single national OTT operator and become a systemically coordinated player in this market.”  


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