The Time of Great Events with Media Group Ukraine

Published Fr, 8 October, 13:25

 Media Group Ukraine met with partners and advertisers at The Time of Great Events with Media Group Ukraine. Top managers of Media Group of Ukraine and representatives of the company’s strategic partners spoke about the latest news and trends in the industry, plans for the future, new formats of advertising campaigns, changes in consumer behaviour and prospects for different age groups.

 The most publicised and effective TV projects, advertising campaigns and collaborations were presented during the event. Entertainment shows, TV series, news bulletin, the company’s own streaming service — all this can satisfy the various tastes of viewers, as well as the most demanding requests of advertisers. That night, television and advertising experts were invited to speak, including Pavlo Taianovskyi, Director of Strategies and Transformations at Carat Ukraine. Volodymyr Borodianskyi, a member of the Supervisory Board of Media Group Ukraine, summed the meeting up.

 “Throughout the year, we have consistently grown, delighted the audience and offered new opportunities for fruitful cooperation with our partners. And we are constantly expanding opportunities for cooperation,” said Yevhen Bondarenko, Director of Media Group Ukraine.

 “Rather than adapting to the tastes of the audience, we have taken upon ourselves to shape these tastes,” said Volodymyr Borodianskyi, summing up the speeches and inspiring everyone present.

 A season of stand-out premiers

 The first part of the presentation was dedicated to entertainment shows on the TV channel “Ukraine”.

 “Our team is truly impressive: our projects are trendy, large-scale and diverse. For Spivayut Vsi! (All Together Now), we gathered 100 Ukrainian celebrities at the same time and in the same place. We have the most popular format in the world, The MASKED SINGER. We produce Independence Day and New Year specials. Our range of formats and in-house projects is constantly expanding, and our partnership and sponsorship opportunities are expanding with it,” said Viktoria Korohod, Director of the TV channel “Ukraine”.

 The first season of The MASKED SINGER, which premièred in January 2021, wowed the Ukrainian market of audiovisual content with its novelty and uniqueness as well as its ratings. The show has become the best entertainment project since the beginning of the year.

 The autumn season on the TV channel “Ukraine” started with the popular talent show Spivayut Vsi! based on the All Together Now format. Meanwhile, the channel has already completed the filming of the second season of The MASKED SINGER, which is scheduled to première on October 23. Viktoria Korohod promised that “in the second season, everything will be even bigger, there will be even more celebrities and hits.” She also announced the première of a completely new format show in 2022, which the TV channel “Ukraine” had already started to work on.

 TV channel “Ukraine” also presented successful examples of integrating brands into entertainment shows: thanks to the success and positive feedback from advertisers, this collaboration will carry forward to the next season.

 “Big shows are both brand-developing projects for the channel and great opportunities for commercial clients. Obviously, they are expensive to produce, so not all channels on the market can afford them. But shows are very important for us, and we will continue to produce new high-quality and memorable entertainment products,” said Andrii Tiulenev, Chief Revenue Officer of Media Group Ukraine.

 According to him, the show itself allows advertisers to differentiate the brand and show the product often. Today, when information noise is so loud, this is the most important thing. “As shown by the successful cases of many clients, there is no need to build coverage at any cost, the completeness and frequency of advertising messages are much more important,” said Andrii Tiulenev.

 The new value of the 55+ audience

 A separate block of the presentation was dedicated to changes in moods, lifestyles and consumption in different age groups. The speakers of the event emphasised the prospects for the older audience: people aged 55+ are no longer what they were 10 years ago, so this means now there are new opportunities to expand markets.

 Tetiana Nikitina, Director of the Analytic Department, presented the results of a study in various age groups, including 55+. The population aged 18-24 and 25-34 is constantly declining: over the last 10 years, the 18-34 age group has decreased by 24%, and the 55+ age group has increased by 8%. 

“It is worth looking at the older age group. We have a stereotype that elderly people lead a rather passive lifestyle, in particular in terms of consumption, and are beyond the limits of the commercial audience. However, this is not the case. Our research shows that these are active people; most of them still work, spend money and enjoy life,” Tetiana Nikitina said.

 Yevhenia Blyzniuk, Founder and Director of the Corestone Group analytical agency, CEO and Co-Founder of the Gradus project, continued this topic by presenting the results of a study on consumer behaviour of the audience 55-64 years of age. These are the people who control family budgets, are involved in buying various groups of goods, have savings and respond more calmly to crises.

 “They are also actively involved in the social and political information field in the country and in media consumption: they follow events, watch the news, trust the leaders of public opinion,” said Yevhenia Blyzniuk.

 Anton Zinchenko, Director of Evident Media, also emphasized the advantages of the senior TV audience for advertisers: according to research, it is the one that most actively responds to TV advertising of FMCG products, pharmaceuticals and retail. “Besides, you do not pay for the 55+ audience, because the buying audience for the channels is 18-54. Accordingly, you get a much larger audience for TV advertising,” Anton Zinchenko said to advertisers.

 Exclusive content is a priority

 Pavlo Taianovskyi, Strategies and Transformations Director at Carat Ukraine, Fedir Hrechaninov, Strategy and Business Development Director at Media Group Ukraine, and Yulia Trybushna, Director of OLL.TV and Xtra TV, discussed global OTT market trends, development of the Ukrainian environment and forecasts for the future. It is worth noting that the OLL.TV service has changed its identity, rebranded and significantly expanded the content component. In addition, it joined the creation of its original series titled Šutnja and does not intend to rest on its laurels.

 “Exclusives will “rule”. Our own productions create the most loyal audience,” Fedir Hrechaninov stressed.

 The topics raised during the presentation are important for the whole industry — this is how the speakers and guests described the speeches. New cross-platform formats of cooperation with brands, confirmed success of the advertising campaigns on YourTV as evidence of the importance of message frequency and research results on the value of the 18-64 audience and the need to switch to it for the whole market — these were the main topics of the meeting that can be on the agenda of the entire media industry. 

 “We have demonstrated that our efforts to work with linear and non-linear broadcasting, presence of channels in Ukraine and abroad are the only way that allows modern media business in Ukraine and around the world to increase revenue and be successful,” said Andrii Tiulenev.

 Photos from the event via the link:


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