Maksym Lyvynets Appointed the CEO of Media Agency “Media Partnership Buying”

Published Tue, 9 November, 11:36

On 9 November, Maksym Lyvynets took the office of the CEO of the media agency “Media Partnership Buying” (MPB). Maksym’s key task is to improve the agency business of "Media Group Ukraine". Maksym has considerable working experience in the advertising industry: he has held the top management offices in such major international agencies as GroupM, MEC, Zenith Media, Euro RSCG New Europe etc.

Mykhailo Strashnyi, the former CEO of the MPB, has decided to develop his career outside "Media Group Ukraine". The media group team is grateful to Mykhailo for many years of successful cooperation.


Maksym Lyvynets, the CEO of the media agency “Media Partnership Buying”: “The present-day world, let alone the more competitive media industry, forms high customer expectations and demands qualifications and advanced technologies from service companies. The first meeting with the staff of Media Partnership Buying lets me talk about the expertise of the team, high performance of decisions and their focus on the outcome. I am happy to join the team of such level, and I am sure that we will manage to meet expectations of the most demanding customers, perform tasks of any complexity level and achieve the ambitious goals set by Media Group Ukraine.”

Andrii Tiuleniev, the Chief Revenue Officer of "Media Group Ukraine": “Maksym’s understanding of the relevant expectations of customers from various market segments, including major international brands, is the competence of great value for our business.  We expect quality growth of marketing, communication and media services for our customers, business transformation and increase in the agency’s customer portfolio. I am sure that the team of Media Partnership Buying managed by Maksym will run the efficient campaigns of use to our customers.”





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